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Sewerby Zoo
Mickey the Micro Pig

There are many species of mammals to see including Shetland Ponies, Capuchin Monkeys, Alpacas and Llamas.

A herd of Sika Deer roam the paddock on the cliff top along with the Shetland Sheep.

Inside the zoo, Pygmy Goats and Cameroon Sheep mingle in their enclosure.

We have numerous Guinea Pigs who have just moved into their new enclosure; Cavy Country.

Degus also live nearby.

Our four Ring-Tailed Lemurs settled into their impressive new enclosure in September 2012. Other recent additions are two Raccoon Dogs and a baby Alpaca born in the zoo in August 2014.

Mickey the Micro Pig was the latest addition who came to us at the end of October 2015.

Animal Adoption

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