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School kids enjoying Sewerby Hall
School kids enjoying Sewerby Hall

Sewerby Zoo is an interesting and inspirational venue to bring children to promote active learning as part of their science curriculum studies.

Through the study of the mammals and birds in the zoo children can explore important scientific themes surrounding "Life Processes and Living Things."

We have a variety of resources and support material linked to the National Curriculum at Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

These documents will encourage children to investigate the world around them through the ecology of animals they see during their visit and the environment from which they originate.

These resources are available on request.

Specifically children will:

  • Investigate by using their senses to observe and describe living things.

  • Compare adult animals and their young, looking at changes that may occur.

  • Observe and compare how animals move in different ways.

  • Discover that all animals need food and drink to stay alive.

  • Identify the different types of foods eaten by the animals and birds.

  • Learn to recognise and name features of the animals.

  • Group the animals according to observable similarities and differences.

  • Learn that animals need to be treated with care and respect.

  • Identify ways in which animals (including humans) are like each other.